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Your direct line: 910-363-4409, ext 107


Trinity’s Compassionate Care Ministry (CCM) provides confidential, timely assistance to meet church family needs, through a simple system where requests may be made with one phone call or one email.


If someone is suddenly taken to a hospital … needs a meal … can no longer drive to a doctor’s appointment … is alone and could use someone to come and visit … Compassionate Care Ministry can help.


The CCM is made up of three teams providing everything from spiritual to practical support. The teams do not replace any existing Trinity ministry; instead, the CCM supplements Trinity’s existing ministries for more effective service. The teams are:

  • The Care Team, fulfilling requests for meals, transportation, handyman assistance and medical equipment loans.

  • The Visitation Team, fulfilling requests for visitation of church members in their homes, at rehab facilities and nursing homes.

  • The Hospital Team, fulfilling requests for pre-surgery prayer and conversation; staying with families during surgery; being in attendance during post-surgery follow-through; and, visitation in hospitals. This team provides pastoral support to – and in conjunction with – all pastors. (Pastor Stuart, Pastor Gary and Pastor Mark will continue their work as usual.)


The CCM teams work together through close communications. The teams’ effective distribution of services is only as good as the flow of information and requests coming into CCM. Whether you are the person in need, or a friend or relative, you can confidentially pass along needs, concerns and information using one of these two options:

  • Call: 910-363-4409, ext. 107. This is a dedicated, confidential phone line for CCM.

  • Email: This is a dedicated, confidential email for CCM.


Volunteers are needed, too! This ministry will not succeed without volunteers. Please contact the ministry by using the same phone and email for submitting requests.

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How do I contact the CCM?

  • Remember, all contacts are confidential.

  • Call: 910-363-4409, ext. 107 to leave a message, or 

  • Email: You may use your own preferred email; or, for your convenience, we offer a confidential email form below.

What happens next?

  •  The CCM team lead will acquire it the same day. Then it will be sent to the appropriate team, and you will hear back from CCM that the team is working on filling the request. This should happen within 24 hours of when you submitted the request.

I'd like to help! How do I volunteer?

  • Use the same contact phone or email to reach the team. And thanks!

Confidential Email Form

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